Shopping in Bangkok - Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

Shopping in Bangkok is plentiful. There are lots of shopping malls, markets and tons of street side vendors selling a large variety of wares. No matter what you are looking to buy while in Bangkok, you are sure to find a shop or market stall selling the items you are searching for.

Terminal 21 in Bangkok, located on Sukhumvit soi 21 near the Asoke BTS and Sukhumvit MRT station, is one of the many shopping malls that dot the streets of the city. Terminal 21 has distinguished itself from the other malls by taking on a unique character, one that replicates an airport terminal or at least attempts to maintain a travel theme. Each level has a different location such as the Caribbean or the fifth floor being San Francisco and the sixth-floor Hollywood.

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You can find a large variety of clothing options, like all the major brands you’d expect to find at any mall around the world, as well as some small boutique shops that are typically owned and operated by the designer themselves. At these boutiques, you will see a large variety in pricing from upscale for social events to cheap and casual for daily wear.

On any given day, you can find a large-scale sale on the 2nd level, which is essentially the main level as it is connected to the sky train station. These sales can be for clothing, accessories or even bicycles. Literally, anything could be up for sale during these and the possible discounts could be quite steep.

One of the biggest draws for tourists to Terminal 21 is the food. The fourth and fifth floors are filled predominately with restaurants. The type of restaurants varies greatly, playing into the theme of travel the mall maintains, so expect to find food from all over the world. The mall also hosts an international food court with Thai dishes as cheap as 40 baht a dish. The food court is located on the fifth floor.

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For those that are looking for something different to do in Bangkok, Terminal 21 is short of unique experiences, although it does offer a lot of choices. If you are in the mood for a movie, there is a large cinema on the 6th floor. The SF Cinema plays all of the latest releases from the USA as well as local Thai movies. All western movies are usually in English with Thai subtitles and you may find a local Thai movie with English subtitles. Do be sure to verify the language setting as there is a possibility that the English movie is dubbed into Thai, although this would only be for large releases that the theatre has multiple screens playing.

The 6th floor is also where you would find all major mobile service providers. This would be an ideal place to go to purchase a SIM card to have phone and internet access while you travel in Thailand. All carriers will provide national coverage. If you are interested in working out while you visit Bangkok, Fitness First is located to the right of the escalators. They offer daily, weekly and monthly passes with a gym equipped with enough for a quality workout.

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All in all, Terminal 21 is a pretty good all-around mall in Bangkok. It has enough options for all budgets to be satisfied with the offerings. It also has a variety of other types of services like banks and money exchanges. Next time you are in the Sukhumvit Road area of Bangkok, stop into Terminal 21, if not for the shopping, at least for the cheap food and the movies. Remember the movies are only 100-120 baht on Wednesdays.