Bangkok Attractions - Benjakitti Park

Benjakitti Park is one of Bangkok’s newest parks, built as part of a governmental push to create more green spaces throughout the city to improve the livability of the country’s capital city. Benjakitti Park received its name from Queen Sirkit on its opening day ceremony, which took place on her Majesty’s 72nd Birthday.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Benjakitti Park is easily accessible by both MRT Queen Sirkit Convention Center and Sukhumvit station, as well as the BTS Asok station. Not far from Terminal 21 shopping mall, the park has loads of activities to burn some calories. Specifically designed to be majestically beautiful and a safe haven for cyclists, joggers and others seeking an energetic stress relief from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.

With a large lake as the center point of the park, it boasts some inspiring and dramatic views of the surrounding sky scrapers, especially at sunset when the separate walking paths double as the scene for a romantic stroll or a marathon runners training grounds. The 2-kilometer path that circles the lake has two separate components for cyclists and pedestrians, making the park much less hectic and frenzied as the larger Lumpini Park.

Due to the fact that it is newer and smaller, sitting on only 21 hectares, which were donated to the city by the Tobacco Monopoly of Thailand in honor of Queen Sirkit, the park is quieter, more peaceful and some would argue more beautiful than Bangkok’s other city parks, Chatuchak and Lumpini. The beautiful flowers that line the paths help to promote this idea further.

Benjakitti Park definitely has some of the same attractions as the larger parks, and maybe more. Here you could rent bicycles for about 50 baht an hour as well as paddle swan boats to cruise around the lake on. Other activities include the skate park, designed with a half pipe for skateboarders and freestyle bikers, as well as fitness equipment that you can find scattered throughout the park, a couple playgrounds for the children, a variety of fantastic picnic areas and even a meditation area.

To help boost the beauty and tranquility of the park, several fountains were installed as well. One impressive fountain, designed to replicate the soothing sounds of a rocky jungle creek, is a shrine of the royal family. Not far from this fountain is another well designed fountain meant to conjure up images of a Japanese Pagoda. Both fountains are just part of the many aspects that make this one of Bangkok’s best parks and a great addition to the city.

For those who are cycling enthusiasts, Benjakitti Park is not far from Bangkok’s Green Lung, more formerly known as Bang Krachao. An easy ride or walk from the park, it is another great spot to get away from Bangkok’s notorious traffic, air pollution and mayhem.